2/10/2012 1:39 PM

If you thought you could get away with just impressing the girl you're dating and ignore her annoying friends until things get more serious, you may want to reconsider. It turns out that even though men may not care too much what their friends think of the girl they are dating, women absolutely do! And, the more her friends like you and find you attractive, the more she will too.

It sounds like a terrible joke but it isn't. It's something called social proof. Women like to have status and feel like they have something great, so the more desirable you are; whether it is related to your looks or personality, the more amazing you become in her eyes.

If you really want to make a great impression, hang out with a group of guys and girls who really enjoy your company and think you're an awesome person. This will send great vibes to the ladies and make you look like a stud! You can't go wrong!

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