2/10/2012 1:54 PM

When you're in a serious relationship, it's easy to forget to show how much you appreciate your partner. This is not to say you need to shower them with gifts all the time, but it's nice to make thoughtful, unexpected gestures just to show how much you care. There are different ideas for all budgets and Planet Love Match Radio touched on all of them!

One really simple, but incredibly sweet thing that a guy or girl could do is get a nice card for their partner and personalizing it with a message highlighting all the things you love about them. This inexpensive gesture is easily more meaningful than having a dozen roses sent to them. This shows that you took time to ponder all the ways you love them. Women are suckers for cheesy things like this, and men like them too; even though most will never admit it!

Ladies: men will never be disappointed about coming home to the love of their life decked out in some new sexy lingerie. Treat your guy by splurging on a new outfit and popping open a cold beer for him when he gets home from work. It'll be a great perk in the middle of an otherwise stressful work week!

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