3/25/2011 9:51 AM

With the rise of technology infiltrating relationships, it’s not surprising that texting has become the normal, if not the only, form of communication. However, even for a person who grew up using the technology, it may not be his or her preferred method of being contacted, moreso if it's just after you’ve just met.

This is especially true if you meet someone in passing and exchange numbers. Exchanging numbers, especially these days, doesn’t mean much. Say you meet someone in a bar. For whatever reason, you swap phone numbers. The next morning, one person sends the other a sort of “good morning, it’s ___ from last night” message.

While sometimes this can be cute, if the attention is unwanted it can come across as pushy and too forward. Exchanging phone numbers doesn’t give the green light for longtime-friends-esque phone relations. Besides, what ever happened to allowing a little mystery build?

Texting someone almost immediately after you’ve met them can be a make-or-break situation – if the person was on the fence or even not very interested (hey, it’s a hard truth: sometimes women give out phone numbers because we don’t like rejecting people), getting a way-to-soon text message can sway them from ever wanting to pursue anything with the person who sent it.

Generally speaking, it’s best to wait until you’ve actually seen a person outside of where you exchanged phone numbers to start with texting. Further, if the person doesn’t respond the first time, take the hint and bow out gracefully – no one likes getting multiple, sometimes angry, messages from someone they don’t know very well.

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