2/3/2012 3:38 PM

Asexuals and gray sexuals have generated a ton of conversation in recent weeks. Even the hit TV series House did an episode that discussed asexuality. We've talked about asexuals and lack of sexual attraction to other people, but we haven't really talked about gray sexual and what that really entails.

Ryeal Simms, a relationship coach, joined Jennifer Tapiero and Josh Nasar on Planet Love Match Radio recently and gave a little insight on what these two terms are all about.

Gray sexual is literally in between sexual and asexual. These individuals don't entirely identify with either side of the spectrum. Some days they might be feel sexual attraction and other days they may lack it entirely.

"The terms are based on our testosterone level and our estrogen level. You know, how much testosterone you have, and sometimes women might have a little more than the male," said Simms.

Gray sexuality is slightly more confusing to understand in my opinion, because it's a broad range. Some gray sexuals may have no problem having sex 90 percent of the time and another might only be comfortable 2 percent of the time.

Check out the full clip from Dr. Ryeal Simms’ explanation of asexuality and gray sexuality!

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