8/25/2011 1:09 PM

Women around the world love Irish men. But why? Here are a few interesting theories.

Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger believes women love Irish men because Irish fellows know how to make a lady feel good.

“They are rugged, tall, sexy, and they take charge. You feel like a woman next to them,” she says. “I would rather have an Irishman than a pretty Wall Street feminine man who makes a lot of money.”

Lisa Domican is another woman who loves the Irish. The 41-year-old Australian met her Irish husband when she was 18 and believes manners are a big part of the Irish charm.

“My experience is that Irish lads are more gentlemanly than many other cultures. Perhaps it’s the education, or else it’s the fact that the Irish mammy is a very strong part of society here. That can sometimes be a bad thing, though.”

David Power, a former bartender who hails from Dublin, has a slightly different theory. Power describes the average Irishman as “a drinking, fighting, poetic tongued man,” a combination many women find irresistible.

“We are new, unknown territory with a good reputation for boozing and banter,” he explains. “We are also polar opposites of American men, so in a way we are a niche market.”

What do you think ladies? Do Irish men make better lovers? Give us your take in the comments below.

Source: IrishCentral, IrishCentral2, Photo: Zazzle.com

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