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For every one woman registered with an online dating site there are five men. That’s five men competing for the attention of every one woman! If that’s a discouraging thought realize there are ways to stand out so you grab her attention and keep it.

First, start with a real profile, no lies, half-truths or embellishments. She will find out and you won’t get a second chance when she realizes you are not who or what you say are. Every relationship has to have a level of trust; if you lie can she trust you?

Less is also more when writing your profile. Give the reader just enough to want to know more. Keep it positive and playful with just enough information to maintain a bit of mystery while still making a connection. Be genuine and avoid the usual clichés like, “I’m looking for my soul mate” or “I’m not into playing games.” Honestly, who isn’t looking for a soul mate that doesn’t play games?

Next, upload a few flattering but accurate photos. No one wants to see a photo of you twenty years ago when you may have been a bit more buff. Women want to be able to recognize you when you meet up for the first time.

When you first approach her, mention something friendly and thoughtful about her profile. Taking the time to read her profile thoroughly and then referencing it in your message is sure to get her attention. She may get dozens of messages from many guys, but the ones that show genuine interest are the ones who will get her attention. The guy who talks only about himself will quickly be trashed.

If she responds with questions about you, take the time and return the message. This ought to establish a report that could lead to that elusive first date.

When you secure the first date don’t have unrealistic expectations. The chemistry may be there and it might not. Just remember if it’s not you still have a new a friend.

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