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The game of dating and relationships is easy for some people, yet challenging for others. Many people become intrigued,enamored,or even infatuated by another, and for some this fascination can cross a line where one needs to determine if they have become obsessed with another person. To understand the difference between being attracted to someone and having gone too far is best achieved through knowing the signs you are obsessed with someone.

The major signs you are obsessed with someone stem from the need to think about the person on a continual and continuing basis. This can happen rather quickly, even after a first date or meeting. If you find yourself constantly calling, emailing, texting or instant messaging someone who you have just recently met, you may need to step back and evaluate the situation as you are potentially developing an unhealthy obsession with the person.

Some additional signs of being obsessed with another include sending unprompted or unwanted gifts, checking the other person's social media page multiple times a day, driving past the person's place of employment or home or asking questions about the person to their friends, especially if you don't know them yourself. Once you start spending your free time tracking down information about the person, fantasizing about the person or obsessing about when you will run in to the person again are you need to step back and thus away from the relationship.

If you exhibit any signs of being obsessed with another person, you need to cease communication and get your mind on something else as you are potentially in a one way and dead end relationship with the person. You also need to be very cautious when you continue to pursue someone in an obsessive manner, as you may find yourself on the receiving end of a verbal lashing or a potential legal issue if you take your obsession too far after the person has asked you to stop or leave them alone. Dating and relationships are challenging, however, obsessing about someone will not make them like you or fall in love with you no matter how hard you try or how persistent you become.

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