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Being selective in the dating world is absolutely a good thing. You never want to have standards that are too low, and you also don’t want to end up with someone who drives you nuts!

I have always been a little selective when it comes to the people I surround myself with, but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed the few things that are absolute necessities for me. Do you have specific character traits that you look for in a partner? Here are a few of mine!

Healthy Lifestyle

I am by no means the healthiest girl out there. Just like most females, I have a soft spot for dark chocolate and pretty much anything you can find in a bakery! With that said, I’m also conscious of what I eat and try to balance it out with my weekly workout routines. I have no problem splurging and enjoying some fattening treats, but like most things in life, there needs to be moderation.

Because of this interest, gym guys tend to be a given for me, but there’s a thin line between athletically driven and over-the-top obsessed. I can’t handle someone who looks down on me for my occasional sugary treats any more than someone who has a diet that’s pleading for an early death!

Solid Communicator

Seeing as organizing and compiling words is kind of my day-to-day duty, I have a hard time listening to someone who cannot assemble a sentence without littering it with grammatical errors. It’s a pet peeve and as harsh as it might be, it irks me!

Grammar aside, communicating is essential in every relationship, whether it’s a friendship or something more. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to find someone who loves to fill you in on the things going on in their life, but also takes note of yours. Relationships consisting of two people who love to talk are tough because everyone is talking and no one is listening. This is the same for two really shy people. If you’re in a relationship like this, make the effort to find some sort of balance.


I am incredibly close to my family. Being one of three girls, we’ve grown up as best friends; not just sisters. In the same way that red flags would go up if your new beau didn’t want to meet your best buds after a few months of dating, a mayday alert goes off in my head when my new guy refuses to meet my sisters.

The person you’re with needs to respect what you view as important. The same way they like to spend their free time with a group of friends, you probably do too. Who’s to say your circle of friends can’t include some family?

Trying to find every single detail on your dating checklist in one person can be tough. This is why you should make an effort to focus on a few things that are incredibly important to you, like I did above.

Looks will change over time and so will jobs and living situations. For me, finding a healthy individual who is a solid communicator and family-oriented person is a pretty good picture of who I’d like to end up with. Limit necessities to the details that will shape how your partner carries themself! The shortened list will prevent you from being too picky and ensure that the people you invest your time with are actually good candidates for your future!


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