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The holiday season brings some unique opportunities to the table. You can go back and enjoy the comfort of your former stomping ground rekindling flames of the past, or you can seek out some new boos for the future! Regardless of what you choose to do over the holidays, there are a few simple guidelines for hookups, clothing and meeting places.

Hook ups

Hooking up with exes while you’re in town for the holidays is beyond complex. If you are determined to travel down this road, brace yourself, especially if you both don’t live in the same city the rest of the year. Opening up a can of worms like this could be a serious mood kill for the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re looking for something serious, try to focus on people that have the same aspirations as you do. Getting mixed up with someone who is just looking for a fling could also be a major bummer for this time of the year.


The key words here are comfortable and cute! High-waisted skirts, dresses, leggings and jeggings are great for this time of the year because they typically don’t crush your stomach that you’ll likely be filling with pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies! Also, be sure to bring cute high heels or boots. A hot pair of stilettos or comfy boots will spice up any outfit!

Meeting Places

Embrace all of the events that take place this time of the year! There are holiday parties, bon fires, beer fests, charity functions, and much, much more. See it as an opportunity to meet new people and venture outside of your comfort zone. Whether you meet friends or men/women with potential to be more in the future, there are still a lot of great things that can stem from putting yourself out there!

Enjoy the food and festivities and maybe even a little romance in between! Happy holidays!


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