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Just as men and women have other differences, they both see romance and romantic gestures differently. Women tend to view Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year and they expect flowers, chocolate or jewelry.  Men find the day to be, well, obligatory. 

Yet men still have an idea of romance; it just isn’t what women might think.  For men romance isn’t candle lit dinners, or walks on the beach.  So just what is it they find romantic?

Daniel Linder, a counselor, decided to look into it.  Here are a few things he discovered that men find romantic.

Men want to be genuinely cared about. Show interest in what he is thinking, wanting, feeling or doing.  You can do this by asking self-reflective questions and giving him an opportunity to think about it and answer.  Allowing him to elaborate will let him know you care and value him deeply.

Men want to receive your undivided attention with eye to eye contact. It let’s him know you are listening. Women make the mistake of talking way more than they listen. Practice active listening and give him you full attention.  You will show genuine interest in what he has to say. 

Men love it when women openly affirm their appreciation. When you notice a guy and he feels appreciated, there is something inherently romantic about that.  Men find outward shows of affection, appreciation and acknowledgement to be romantic gestures. So what he says or does let him you appreciate it.

While women want to be wined and dined, men just want to reaffirm deep personal and emotional connections.  Treat your guy like he is your best friend, after all he should be.  That is romance enough for him.

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