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So many friends ask me, how do you know he’s the one?  The easy answer is you just do, but that’s not the accurate answer.  You come to realize it over time as you become more comfortable with each other.

Here are ten signs to look for once you get past the first few dates:

  • You tell each other things you wouldn’t tell others.  Sharing intimate details means you trust each other.
  • You don’t mind when he sees you at weak moments.  Sometimes we hit bumps in the road and life isn’t so happy and the person you care most about should be comforting you.
  • You respect each other and don’t want to change the essence of who the other is. Plain and simple,  you like each other.
  • You want the other to meet your parents.  You are proud and want to show him off. It’s ok to disagree and you aren’t afraid to.  He will listen to you and take you seriously despite thinking you’re wrong.
  • You can be yourself around him without editing thoughts or being anxious.
  • It’s ok to be quiet around each other. There’s no pressure to fill empty spaces with needless chatter.  It’s easy and comfortable.
  • Neither is jealous. You don’t mind when he goes out with his friends and you let each other have you own lives and hobbies.
  • You can laugh together.  One of life’s simplest enjoyments is laughter and it’s even better when you can crack each other up.
  • You are willing to work through major problems and differences. Issues like money, religion and perhaps even kids may need to be worked through to move forward.
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